Three New Desserts are added to McDonald's menu

Three New Desserts are added to McDonald's menu ...

When you think of ordering dessert at McDonald's, there's a good chance you're thinking about a fried apple pie.

The standard chain has served it since the 1960s, although today the baked version has been traded out for a baked one to appeal to customers who are concerned about keeping their fried food consumption low.

While McDonald's first dessert was the all-American, there are still many more on the menu right now.

McDonald's has become a major provider since 1997, giving them an all-new way to use their ice cream machines (, also).

While today's McDonald's menu is still dominated by desserts served in a cup or a sleeve, it has also dropped out with its McCafe menu since its 1993 release.

Rotating pastry options that may easily be used as desserts, such as cinnamon buns, apple fritters, and glazed doughnuts.

From time to time, the fast food chain offers new types of these classics. For the spring, McDonald's has unveiled an all-new selection to offer customers during their next lunch visit.

What's New at McDonald's For Dessert?

Japan's McDonald's

TheStreet Recommands.

McDonald's Japan takes dessert a lot more seriously.

Three of Japan's favorite flavors are selected in its latest dessert collection: matcha's mild and soothing aroma, the rich mysterious texture of black honey and chewy mochi, and the delightful fluffiness of banana custard.

The McShake is made with Uji matcha, which originated in Kyoto and is well-known for its high quality. It's blended with milk and sells for 150 yen ($1.18 US) for a small and 230 yen ($1.81 US) for a large.

Matcha is still popular in Japan, but it has grown popular in the United States now, and most Starbucks locations in the United States now offer their own hot or iced version.

The pie is a collaborative effort with a famous Yamanashi confectionary that makes a beloved sweet called.

This dessert is made from a chewy rice-based dish with black honey, which sounds like it would be super indulgence. This dessert will cost you 160 yen ($1.26 US).

The third dessert is a collaboration with, a coffee shop known for its banana-flavored pastries. It's a vanilla soft serve ice cream served in a waffle cone and topped with banana custard and almonds. This is valued at 250 yen ($1.96 based on the country).

McDonald's has added a limited-edition McCafe beverage that is peach-flavored and topped with three different types of peaches. It's available at Japanese locations starting April 27.

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