With its new sandwiches, Burger King is selling sex

With its new sandwiches, Burger King is selling sex ...

Ordering a lunch at the drive-through isn't often the kind of thing that one associates with sexuality.

From the sense of employee depreciation in several chain restaurants to the guy in front of you crambling his order into the microphone, there's only nothing about the experience that is depressing.

It's not that food is unsexy. It certainly can be sexy, no doubt. Anyone who's ever seen a chef work over a spectacular entree or gazed into their date's eyes over dinner may be able to relate to the idea.

While we'll not dive into details, let's just say that sex and food have all converged in many scenes.

While sex is a long-proven method to sell just about everything, there's something about combining it with fast food that feels right. Yet Burger King () has done exactly that in its latest promotional for its sandwich menu.

What is Burger King and Sex?

Burger King

On April 23, the Burger King India Twitter account announced a selection of sandwiches the chain just debuted. Various items cater to the Indian palate, such as a Chicken Tandoori or a Paneer Royale (both of which sound pretty good).

A Hot 'N' Cheezy Burger,' which includes a fried chili cheese tart, a spicy sauce, and masala buns, and a Fiery Chicken, all equipped with a Indian spices.

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The only thing that stands out in the ad is not the food, but the tagline, which says, "Every flavour brings a new gasm." And at the bottom of the ad, a hashtag says "#FoodThatGasms."

People in America are often confused about the slang term "foodgasm," which, of course, implies a meal as a pleasure of an orgasm. And while that doesn't seem to be excessive risk in this country, it likewise rings as off-color in a place where sexuality is rarely discussed openly and casual sex is extremely rare.

It's not the first time the chain has focused on sexual themes, however. A tweet from April 12 takes a similar approach, with a tagline that says, "Lost your taste buds all hot and angry."

Yes, the innuendo is relatively chaste in comparison to what it might be. Carl's Jr. was at one point known for a much more blatant approach, putting out commercials like the one below, which aimed to sexualize the food to a point of dismalness.

Carl's Jr. quit the job after, who once said, "," leaving in 2017.

These little teases are unlikely to be enough to help Burger King India achieve its goal. Currently, some people are picking up what the chain is putting down.

If mild flirting over a new sandwich is putting some character into everyone's life, then that's not for us to judge. However, if Burger King gets some hate mail for its obscenity, it shouldn't be too surprised.

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