Hosts at 'The View' were not like it when guest Amber Ruffin called Donald Trump 'Hilarious,' saying, "He's About As Fancy As A Herpes Sore."

Hosts at 'The View' were not like it when guest Amber Ruffin called Donald Trump 'Hilarious,' saying ...

Elon Musk was set to purchase Twitter on Monday, but it was a hot topic on The View, where the ladies the world's richest man asserted that he was strictly attempting to protect "free speech." Musk, however, was permanently banned shortly after posing for the riot on January 6th. However, her guests argued that that would not be a bad thing.

Joy Behar of The View criticizes Amber Ruffin's anti-Trump comments on Twitter: 'We Forget How Hilarious Trump Is'

Tommy moderna-vaX-Topher (@tommyxtopher)

I believe Trump will return to Twitter, and it will be groggy, but equally very ridiculeable, Ruffin told her hosts. We forget how rehysteriously Trump is.

Ruffin wasn't saying Trump is a funny person, like, on purpose. She meant that he has a peerless knack for saying and doing things so odd that one reaction often the most therapeutic is to laugh at, not with, him. She brought up a recent example: Trump said he is capable of generating inventive insanity.

Despite his frenetic remarks, Ruffin said, "I'm sorry, but Trump is very sorry." "We all know how much you love him. That guy is hilarious. That's one of the funniest things I've ever seen."

She was not smiling with her. Joy Behar said she used to believe she was funny. But, no, he's almost as funny as a herpes sore. I'm not sure he's funny.

Ana Navarro, the noted "never Trumper," has agreed to say that he is as serious as a heart attack.

And yet Ruffin's point stands. Supposedly, remember? Or? Or his recent to all the "radical left maniacs"? On the other hand, Behar and Navarro aren't correct.


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