Danielle Deadwyler Joins J.J. Abrams in HBO's 'Demimonde'

Danielle Deadwyler Joins J.J. Abrams in HBO's 'Demimonde' ...

' is finally coming to an end four years after he's been there.

the lead in the HBO drama which has marked the first series that Fox's prolific writer, producer, and director has created.

Demimonde follows what happens after a woman is tripped away from her husband and daughter in a tragic scientific accident as she is forced to unravel a conspiracy to reunite with her family that has been lost to a strange and distant world.

Olive Reed, the actress at the center of the drama, will play Deadwyler who has fresh off a leading role in HBO Max's critically acclaimed limited series Station Eleven.

On Demimonde, Abrams' long-time home, he plays writer, director, and executive producer. Kira Snyder, Rand Ravich, and Far Shariat also play as co-showrunners. The trio, who also exec produce, and Abrams' original showrunner Bash Doran, who left in 2019 while Abrams finished their postproduction on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The abrams Bad Robot topper Ben Stephenson's banner, Rachel Rusch Rich,

Deadwyler stars as Mamie Till in HBO's screenplay feature Till, who has Netflix limited series From Scratch in the works. She has been deposed by Paradigm, Play Management, and Ziffren Brittenham.

Demimonde was first as a spec script in January 2018 and joined HBO two weeks later, indicating that Westworld was impressed with what HBO had done with the program, making HBO the franchise's main competitor, according to sources. Demimonde marks the first series Abrams has created since Fringe in 2008.

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