It's Not Sure How To Feel About It In Japan Breakfast

It's Not Sure How To Feel About It In Japan Breakfast ...

Although popular over the years, a slew of descriptors have been used to discuss output. She's now faced with another form of "music for bottoms," according to one of her friends.

The interviewer explained how considerate Zauner's Coachella crowd was, and said, A lot of times, when our tour managers are scheduled security meetings at venues, theyre always like, Don't worry. Youll be really bored tonight. There is nothing. They're very sweet and polite.

Do you think thats a testament to the type of music you make? Zauner replied, My friend describes us as music for bottoms. I dont know. I mean, we just produce sensitive, emotional music, thus it attracts a certain kind of person. Im a great person, and I think a lot of our fans are very earnest.

Elsewhere, she talked about getting a Best New Artist nomination at the Japanese Breakfast, despite having been active since 2013. She said, "I was just delighted, and when everyone was like, 'She's not a new artist,' she said, adding, "Shut up. Everyone just be quiet." Because the opportunity to be nominated in a major category and get to actually sit in the main ceremony was so a privilege that I don't know if I will ever have it again. Definitely

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