In the next film, filmmaker Jason Pollock will tack Korryn, killing Kendrick Johnson (Exclusive)

In the next film, filmmaker Jason Pollock will tack Korryn, killing Kendrick Johnson (Exclusive) ...

The filmmaker of the film Finding Kendrick Johnson and Stranger Fruit has set his next film, focusing on, who was murdered in 2016 in Baltimore following a six-hour standoff.

Gaines, 23, was shot several times by a Baltimore County policeman in his apartment. According to the report, officers tried to serve Gaines with an arrest warrant after declaring that she failed to appear in court due to a traffic violation. The shooter killed Gaines in front of her son, who was injured in the shooting. Gaines' parents have given her exclusive rights to develop a documentary and narrative film about her life and death.

Jason and his team are extremely grateful for the opportunity to choose my daughter's case as his next film project, according to Gaines' mother. "I absolutely loved Jason's investigation on Stranger Fruit and Finding Kendrick Johnson. We are so pleased that he's committed to spending time now fighting for Korryn."

Pollock claims that justice for black women in our society is always swept under the rug. Much too often the media will focus on the police killings of men. This is why our organization felt it is important to fight for Korryn right now. We will move the debate with this project and focus on a case that the media just used as a hashtag in 2016 and then quickly forgot."

Gaines' family was awarded $38 million in compensation by a jury in February 2019 but was reinstated by an appeals court in July 2020. However, no criminal charges have been filed against anyone who witnessed her death.

Pre-production on the film has begun, and Pollock and his crew anticipate to complete the film by 2023. Finding Kendrick Johnson chronicled the mysterious death of Kendrick "KJ" Johnson in 2013. Stranger Fruit looked into the shooting of Michael Brown in 2014.

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