Kevin Durant rekindled love with Charles Barkley when he tried to be a championship bus driver

Kevin Durant rekindled love with Charles Barkley when he tried to be a championship bus driver ...

Kevin Durant had struggled in the Nets' first round game against the Celtics, averaging 22 points per game on a 6.3 percent shooting in Game 4. However, his early effort raised questions about his ability to be the Guy to lead a championship team.

Charles Barkley, who emphasized how distinct it is to be leading the charge rather than being a "bus rider," was slammed for revealing that Durant's two Golden State titles benefited from more than jumping on a super team than him taking them to a different level. That received a number of responses, including some from renowned championship bus riders.

I'm offended and slightly triggered as a certified championship bus rider, but it was nevertheless a hell of a ride.

Brendan Haywood (@bwood_33)

On a horse ride, 16 cavs w/Kyrie,lebron, an Kevin, lol. knocking off cause his Breathe smells!

Channing Frye (@channingfrye)

Durant announced on Tuesday that he would post a few photos to Barkley's Instagram account, reminding everyone of the time Barkley tried to be a bus rider himself, but was unable to get a title anyway.

Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram

Barkley has gone after to combine with Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler (and later Scottie Pippen) in the face of his anti-super team position. In this case, he went after Durant's swearing at by Kenny Smith on Monday night, claiming that it had been three rough games for KD, and he wasn't willing to reconsider his place in history off of that sample.

"Jason Tatum outplays this dude."

Chuck and his friends have remained debating about KD being "The Bus Driver."


The point Barkley appears to be trying to make is that he is tired of hearing about Durant as the best player in the world, as he stated that his title belongs to Giannis despite Kenny never declaring anything to the contrary. However, as can happen with the Inside the NBA team, sometimes the effort to make a point ends in a shouting match and taking shots at someone's legacy, which KD appears to have taken issue with.

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