With producer hire, Cinedigm expands its bloody disgusting podcast network

With producer hire, Cinedigm expands its bloody disgusting podcast network ...

Pacific Obadiah, an audio producer who most recently helped to create the SCP Archives and Insidious Inspirations under the streaming company's Bloody Disgusting horror banner, is looking to increase production for its podcast network.

Obadiah will define new and existing IP to adapt into podcasts, while also overseeing the production of current shows Obadiah will focus on podcasts for the Bloody Disgusting podcast network, which first before Cinedigm acquired, though the streaming company might eventually launch additional shows with its other brands, such as the cinephile-targeted Fandor.

Obadiah told The Hollywood Reporter that the company's podcast ambitions are still in the "very early stages" but is focused on expanding its roster at the moment. The network currently averages 3 million monthly listens, according to Tom Owen, and is aiming to expand its output from 11 podcasts to 30 "owned and operated" shows. Owen said he also wants to partner with existing podcasts as a way to increase the network's listenership.

"It's a way to expand and build IP and fandoms, or you can connect yourself to existing cool fandoms, where there are really rabid communities," Owen said.

Obadiah said he will concentrate most on developing fictional horror narratives, though other shows in the network will span genres, including true crime and film/TV discussions. Three shows are expected to launch this year.

"The biggest thing that Cinedigm is allowing us to do is just kind of flex our creative muscles," Obadiah said. "They're investing in us, they're investing in the space, and they're letting us make the shows that we're most passionate about, and that we're eager to tell."

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