Kelly Lee Owens Releases The Hallucinogenic Single 'One'

Kelly Lee Owens Releases The Hallucinogenic Single 'One' ...

"Sonic 8" and "Olga" were released on the market last month, and she said, "For me, 8 meant complete an album that will ripple in infinite detail during the pandemic," and the sense of isolation and disconnection appears to splinter throughout the recording.

She's coming back with a new single "One," which reverberates with a spooky vibe. It works well against previous versions, ensuring that the recording experience will be cohesive and immersive. The synths are sensory and her vocals are divine and as well as as an instrument. More voices come in as the song continues, transforming it into a hallucinogenic, free-floating sound.

"It's okay if the detail comes at the end, which is also a part of honoring the idea fully," she said in our songwriting process. "It's important to remember that part of the process is simple. It's odd: It's a whirlwind."

Watch "One." Above the top page.

The LP.8 is now available on Smalltown Supersound 4/29. Pre-order it.

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