PWRFWD Goes All In On Women's Hoops In A Company Pivot

PWRFWD Goes All In On Women's Hoops In A Company Pivot ...

Luke Bonner is well-known for kicking his ass.

Growing up in Concord (NH), Bonner observed his older brother, Matt, and sister, Becky, as they discovered success at every competitive level. Becky was a Division 1 player at Stanford, with a director of basketball operations at Louisville, six years managing global outreach with the NBA, and now, four years in as Director of Player development with the Magic, and Matt is a two-time NBA champion and current studio analyst with the Spurs.

"If you want to do this, you have to pay for a scholarship," Bonner says of Zoom. "I knew by the time I was 15 I'd be better than everybody, by the time I'm 17, I'll be getting offers, the worst case, and Division 2.

Bonner spent a year for West Virginia and a team for UMass before going overseas to play in Hungary, the United Kingdom, and Lithuania. While he notes he didn't "make it to the NBA and have a successful career," he declares his basketball career as as successful. It would also prepare him for what will come, according to Bonner.

This is the first time Ive felt that my experience as an athlete is actually applicable to my work, Bonner said. I always regretted that. I found it patronizing if people were like, Oh you are an athlete, youre going to be a good teammate, and work hard. Its like, you cant do anything without that, he added.

I never felt like my fitness experience came to my job for someone else, Bonner said. With this, 100 percent does. Its a lot of pleasures in being an entrepreneur. Its terror and euphoria, constantly. Being capable of keeping things moving is also a foundation for success.

PWRFWD has spent a year paying attention.

The concept behind the company was a platform controlled and controlled by athletes in tandem with Bonner and his team. Every athlete (from the WNBA, NBA, NFL, MLS, and more) had their own shop, selling merchandise that she loved most, including candles and Breanna Stewart's diner mug. But the focus of Bonner and his team is shifted.

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