Jodie Comer, star of 'Killing Eve,' makes an astounding West End debut in a powerful play that treats sexual assault; first look images

Jodie Comer, star of 'Killing Eve,' makes an astounding West End debut in a powerful play that treat ...

EXCLUSIVE: The star received an instant standing ovation and roars of support from the audience attending the penultimate preview on Monday night of Prima Facie, a one-person play about sexual assault that also commemorates Comer's West End stage debut. Here are some exclusive first-look images from the production.

What a truly spectacular debut it is. Comer is phenomenal and commands the stage.

The powerful drama, directed by Suzi Miller, an Australian-based lawyer, has its official opening night on Wednesday.

Tessa, a criminal barrister who is trained in protecting rapists, is giving a fearless, faultless performance. Tessa, who was described in Miller's play as a 'thoroughbred' lawyer, has used her expertise not only to defend men, but also to denigrate their victims.

Then she becomes sexually assaulted herself and is forced to encroach on the same system she used to her advantage in the past, where victims of sexual assault are often disbelieved.

However, there have already been much discussion about whether or not it will be on Broadway, while Miller is all about developing a feature film.

Through his Empire Street Productions banner, James Bierman, the play's producer and general manager, told Deadline that Prima Facie has the "potential to be something," and confirmed that he and the production intend to transfer to New York.

If the time permits, Bierman told Deadline that Comer would like to play in Liverpool, her hometown.

"It would be extraordinarily difficult to come to Liverpool, with schedules permitting, and Broadway deserves to see the piece," Bierman said of Deadline. He added that he wants it to have another limited season in London, where it has played to full houses.

Bierman said that a play might have a positive impact and that Prima Facie "feels like it can be a really powerful agent" in the discussions about how the victims of sexual assault are treated by the cops and the courts.

Bierman said, "That every eight minutes a woman reports a rape in the United Kingdom," but only a small percentage of those who made it through the court, with a conviction rate of 35 percent.

Miller told this reporter that her work focuses on the "Yes, the sexuality happened, but was it consensual... or not?" she said, adding that his "matter is against his."

Miller received statements from women who had been victims of sexual assaults. "I don't know of any sexual assault statement that I've ever made where I could ever be certain that the women were lying," Miller said.

Prima Facie was first staged in Australia, although after Comer was cast by director Justin Martin, the decision was made to give Tesla's voice a Liverpudlian working class flair, although in courtroom scenes the accent is somewhat posher.

Prima Facie will be shown on the National Theatre on June 14 and will be shared via an NT Live broadcast on July 21.

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