'When The Edibles Kick In': An Awkward Moment in Dr. Oz's First Senate Debate Led To The Creepiest Face, And No One Can Handle It

'When The Edibles Kick In': An Awkward Moment in Dr. Oz's First Senate Debate Led To The Creepiest F ...

Mehmet Oz is still running for the Pennsylvania Senate seat, and he is also doing so. Several sources have confirmed that Oz did not answer the question, including from Fox News.

In a few ways, Mediaite reports, rival David McCormick (an ex-hedge fund CEO) had already labeled him as "Dishonest Dave," Oz said, "we did not endorse him." The subject in question was, uh, fracking, and Oz bragged, "I know how exactly to manage our energy issues."

McCormick apologized to Oz for how he "keeps talking about President Trump's endorsement because he can't run on his own positions and records." He then stated, "And what's true is that he has flip-flopped on every major issue we're discussing in this campaign," he said. And then, Pennsylvanians are seeing right through your phoniness and that's why you're not taking off in polls.

Oz and McCormick are talking to each other in the polls at this point. However, McCormick may have scored some points at this point in the debate. Or rather, Oz may have lost them following this mistake:

McCormick: The Doctor is aware that there is no miracle cure for flip flopping...

Acyn (@Acyn)

People couldn't resist responding to this face. It's a response that happened: "Dr. Oz staring dead ahead as he just farted loudly in church." Other words: "Stuffed in a locker"

Dr. Oz is staring dead ahead of himself, pretending to be farted loudly in the church.

The Hoarse Whisperer (@TheRealHoarse)

Mercado (@mercado)

He was caught.

This Room for Rent (@thacktor)

Sexy wires appear to be short-circuited.

pjeanne (@p_jeanne97)


Nolamama69 (@Nolamama69)

When the Botox kicks in.

Make America Smart Again (@HummusChicks)

So. irritated. That shamble

Rebecca Enough: Now is the time to get rid of the damn fillibuster. (@RebeccaEnough)


lissy (@Lissy_Takes)

Oz can't move his face.

Motown Margee (@MargaretSchoenf)

Is WTH tense and blitzing?

Troublemaker who is not currently monitored (@A_Mystery2_me)

When the edibles shine,

The Smokin Grasshopper' (@Grasshopper2049)

"I just got stuffed in a locker," Dr Oz's face says.

Andy Biggs For Prison '22 (@BiggsMagic)

Oh politics, sometimes it's possible to be a bit joking.


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