On 'Fallon,' a soccer mommy performs the off-kilter 'Shotgun.'

On 'Fallon,' a soccer mommy performs the off-kilter 'Shotgun.' ...

In March, an indie sensation released her next album Sometimes, Forever, the follow-up to 2020's beloved. She released the lead single "," an off-kilter melodie that's about "the joys of losing yourself in love," she said, adding, "I wanted it to capture the little moments in a relationship that stick with you."

With a mesmeric performance, she brought "Shotgun" to Fallon, where blue and purple accents become more apparent in this live environment. She says, "So whenever you want me I'll be around / I'm a bullet in a shotgun waiting to sound."

Dan [Lopatin] made this really cool sequence with the demo vocals that ended up becoming the most of the song. It was nice to have two different versions of the song that kind of splintered together after releasing it.

Watch her perform "Shotgun" on Fallon below.

Loma Vista Recordings has released Forever 6/24. Pre-order it.

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