Report: By 2025, cloud sustainability will reach mainstream adoption

Report: By 2025, cloud sustainability will reach mainstream adoption ...

According to. These are the three emerging environmental sustainability technologies that will reach early mainstream adoption by 2025.

The path to a net-zero future will provide new opportunities for technology and service providers developing the foundation technologies to enable sustainable business. The 26 emerging environmental sustainability technologies and trends on Gartner's Impact Radar fall into five key areas: energy; sustainable business; climate; circularity; and biodiversity, food and agriculture.

Environmental sustainability is not a task of certain sectors, but rather a task of global society. If our climate is to be protected, sustainable business must be in whole life's business for the future.

Firstly, it will be a powerful process to address greenhouse gas emissions on the one hand, along with renewable energy, and with circular efforts facilitated by technologies. Second, business models, corporate strategies, and processes will require a complete overhaul and paradigm shift to meet these goals.

Gartner predicts that technology providers with a C-level executive for sustainability will grow by 2025, on average, 5% faster than their peers. Sustainability is a disruptive force, and technology and service providers will have a wide spectrum of impacts in the long term.

Gartner's review of this article will be released soon.

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