Kinexon, an IoT automation and location analytics company, has raised $130 million

Kinexon, an IoT automation and location analytics company, has raised $130 million ...

In a series A round of financing, $130 million has been raised by industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and sports.

Kinexon's hardware and cloud-based software, which was founded out of Germany in 2012, allows companies to capture data, optimize and automate operations.

Kinexon, based on an industrial IoT (internet of things), assists companies such as Airbus, BMW, and Siemens in determining exactly where all of the "things" are in their factories, how they perform, and then connects all of these to existing systems, such as enterprise resource planning tools and warehouse management systems (WMS), to get a holistic picture of everything that is happening in a given location.

Companies can gain real-time insight into whether an essential material is going low on stock, where a particular product is in the packing and shipping process, and even assist avoid accidents by tracking forklift trucks' proximity to humans.

The Kinexon platform extracts data from a wide range of location applications, from GPS, RFID, and UWB, to barcodes, and beyond.

Kinexon works with sports organizations, including sports teams and broadcasters, to enhance player tracking technology, monitor athlete's performance, and more, using sensors worn by humans or embedded in a ball or puck.

Kinexon had raised around $18 million in seed and debt financing, and with its latest $130 million cash injection, the company is well-financed to "accelerate the development of its automation technology" and expand across North America and Europe.

We want to create a world in perfect flow, said the cofounder and co-CEO of Kinexon. The investment round will provide us with growth capital to expand our leading operating system for process automation. We also intend to expand geographically to meet our customers' growing needs across the globe.

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