Conjura launches a 15 million series aimed at advancing the future of electronic commerce through AI-driven analytics

Conjura launches a 15 million series aimed at advancing the future of electronic commerce through AI ...

Financing is expected to expand its business capabilities and bring the 360-degree data analytics solution to new markets.


Conjura, the world's leading data analytics company, today raised 15 million in Series A funding. The round was co-led by and with participation from. The company also announced plans to expand its operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland simultaneously.

Conjura is transforming the future evolution of e-commerce data analytics by giving businesses of all sizes greater visibility across their entire operations on a single cloud-based platform than multiple and disconnected tools.

"We are providing the services that businesses need to improve their business efficiency, as well as ensure that their devices are providing the same level of digital experience today," said Fran Quilty, the CEO and co-founder of Conjura. "Our unique approach to data analysis and our ability to provide full visibility into a company's performance in one easy-to-use platform has never been as acute."

It is a data driven decision making platform for next generation e-commerce. This is reflected in the market opportunity and the real need for Conjura's approach. The investment will accelerate this growth, and we are pleased to support the team and the opportunities ahead.

"Conjura is redefining e-commerce analytics by solving real issues for the sector," says the general partner, adding that "by offering an integrated analytics solution, Conjura is well-positioned to integrate additional solutions that help businesses improve customer engagement, back-office operations, and financial management."

Conjura's platform combines company reporting, business reporting, and data science to push e-commerce firms forward. Businesses are able to track their business performance according to industry standards, receive deep-dive reporting to highlight their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth, as well as make smart decisions across all departments based on a 360-degree view of their operations.

Conjura is on its way to becoming the leading performance analytics platform in many industry sectors. CurrentBody, Naturecan, Wild, Carbon Theory, Saint+Sofia, Percival, and CleanCo are all in touch.

Conjura: What's New in the World

Conjura is developing a new generation of e-commerce data analytics, which will benefit all businesses of all sizes by using advanced analytics to gain greater visibility over their entire business operations.

Conjura was established in Ireland in 2018 and has provided support for leading high-growth e-commerce businesses across several sectors.

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