'They Offer Absolutely No Purpose,' says Viola Davis of 'The First Lady.'

'They Offer Absolutely No Purpose,' says Viola Davis of 'The First Lady.' ...

Has retaliated on criticism of her representation of In 'The First Lady,' clinging to critics as "absolutely serving no purpose."

In a difficult-hitting interview with the BBC's Today program, the Oscar-winner described the criticism of the way she portrays the former POTUS wife as "overachio wreaky."

Elle used the opportunity to criticize film and television critics more broadly.

"They feel like they're telling you what you don't know, like, "oh you're surrounded by people who lie to you, and I'm going to be the person who leans in and tells you the truth." Davis said. "It gives them an opportunity to be cruel."

"What Is the problem with critics? They do nothing in total without purpose," she said.

Davis, who won an Oscar for 2016's Fences and has been nominated for Doubt, The Help, and Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, has come in for criticism for specifics about Obama's appearance, including her pose and facial expressions, but she said portraying someone in the public eye was "nearly impossible."

"It's very difficult to see how they walk, how they talk, and how they hold their pearls."

The First Lady was first introduced earlier this month and stars Davis as Obama, Betty Ford, and Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt in the role.

Davis is preparing to issue her new book, Finding Me, about growing up in poverty and abuse and trying to get where she is today. In the first paragraph, she writes candidly about her own sexual assault and her mother's abuse at the hands of her father.

She told the BBC that she is "literally in shock" that I was able to achieve what I have in my life, knowing my beginnings.

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