Moms-to-Be Gifts for Mother's Day

Moms-to-Be Gifts for Mother's Day ...

Mother's Day isn't just for those who have already died. But the day is especially special for mothers-to-be. Don't miss out on the list when you're shopping this season. Give her a thoughtful, practical gift.

From belly butter to a decadent brunch, these are fantastic choices to either ease or celebrate a pregnant woman's life. Here are some tips to choose from: a health nut (we have a box of nutritious snacks), a practical gal (a pre-packed hospital bag may be the ticket) or a skin care fiend.

Baby Boldly, the ultimate gift for a mom-to-be, does all the fuss out of packing for the hospital. It includes over 19 essentials, including grippy socks, toothbrush, a phone charger, a toothpaste, and more. All are packaged in a variety of colors, including floral, gray, teal, and black.

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Sometimes pregnant women need a little help getting fit. It's difficult to sleep with that big bump! Hence, the popularity of body pillows like Poppy Total Body. These contours provide plenty of support, making it simple to snuggle in and get comfortable. Bonus: It includes a washable cover.

A good belly lotion is a pregnancy staple, and Burt's Mama Bee Belly Butter is packed with fantastic shea and jojoba butters. It's a must-have item, but there's no burning scent to irritate sensitive noses.

Mint & Lily's "mama" necklace is a perennial favorite, and it's not difficult to see why. This 18-inch necklace is a sweet way to remember her first child. This is a classic look you should wear everyday.

In this clever, illustrated book, authors Beth Newell and Jackie Ann Ruiz discuss the needs of expectant mothers. Considering that there is no "right" way to do things, all of the topics discussed here are included, from stretch pants to "lightning crotch" to epidurals. This is one thing she will definitely consider.

Just because she's pregnant does not mean she can't enjoy skims, according to Kardashian's cotton sleepwear. The cotton blend has a 5% Spandex content, which allows it to accommodate all stages of belly.

Sunday Riley has created a range of their popular skin care just for pregnant women. There's no fuss here, but it's a great selection of tasty, safe items for her to try out. Six of the items, worth $103, include a reusable beauty bag and customer favorites Good Genes (a lactic acid therapy) and Juno (an antioxidant and superfood face oil).

Barefoot Dreams, a Cult favorite loungewear company, has created this stunning robe perfect for gifting. It's also great for packing during the hospital, toss it on for late-night feedings, or snuggle up on the couch. The unisex CozyChic style is available in black, ivory, and silver ice.

If you've ever been pregnant, you know that snacks are so essential. Agni, a health food company, has created products that are nutritious and delicious, including cookies, teas, and seasonings. The Pregnancy Box contains ingredients that are packed with nutrients like folate, omega 3, iron, and potassium.

Bernardo's sterling-lined Davida slippers are the perfect pair. They're soft and cute, plus the water-resistant finish and sturdy sole allow her to step outside if needed. These stylish mules are perfect for any occasion, regardless of the weather. Available in black, storm (gray/blue) and blush.

Hatch packs up a perfect box of essentials to bring to the hospital: a pair of soft full-coverage organic undies, a nursing-friendly organic bamboo robe, and a pair of cozy socks. Everything is in coordinating black and gray.

With these temperature-regulating sheets, keep the expectant mama in your life cool at night. The bamboo-rayon blend is moisture-wicking and the Regulator set is said to be three to four degrees cooler than your average cotton or polyester sheets. Pricing for a twin set starts at $139 and goes up to $199 for queen and $199 for split king.

When Harry and David's Mother's Day Gift gets everything you need, it's time to surprise guests. This amazing package will feature salami, gouda, heart-shaped crackers, roasted almonds, cashews, tea cookies, baklava, Belgian waffles, and fig preserves. There is no brunch inside without a special beverage, and this one includes pregnancy-safe sparkling grape juice.

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