The $9.4 million Beverly Hills House listing is a home in the metaverse (Exclusive)

The $9.4 million Beverly Hills House listing is a home in the metaverse (Exclusive) ...

Beverly Hills is transforming into the.

A house in Beverly Hills, modeled in Spain, which will be purchased this week for $9.418 million, and a decidedly 21st century addition, giving prospective purchasers the possibility to purchase another sister residence for an additional $100,000.

The BH Meta House is a 5,062-square-foot physical house set at 607 North Arden Drive, which includes five bedrooms in the main house and one bedroom in a guest house, as well as a pool and outdoor deck on a 14,100-square-foot lot.

The property, which was designed by Beverly Hills Business Group, has been completed plans and RTI permissions. A new 10,280-square-foot, eight-bedroom Georgian style house, which is possible to be built on the property.

LEDY's custom-made 3D replica property 607 Beverly Hills MetaHouse is located on a 22 square square piece of land in Decentraland. It includes a unique NFT of the property, and permits the new owner to furnish it, display artwork and other NFTs inside, and have interactive experiences with guests. "It's a two-fer, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Ive been doing this for months, Maize, the owner of the Beverly Hills house, who later brought it up. The virtual house will be on display on televisions and monitors inside the physical property, and a friend of Maize is also promoting the metaverse house.

Maize, who bought a Santa Monica property in two weeks after inviting a host of TikTok designers to film content on the property, says that LEDY reached out to her at the same time that she was reading about the metaverse. "We want to talk to you and we like how your market things. "

LEDY, which builds luxury resorts in Decentraland and Sandbox, was initially partnered with Maize to assist them in selling the virtual properties. Upon arrival, she and the developers decided to partner on the Beverly Hills project as well, with both jointly investing in the virtual house. We spent nearly $100,000, according to Maize, and the purchaser of the physical property in Beverly Hills will receive an NFT of the house.

"You may go to the house in Decentraland and walk around it," says Mark D'Andrea, a LEDY co-founder.

LEDY has already sold one of its resorts that it has been built in the metaverse. The name New Scirocco, which was named in a virtual Tunisian landscape, was sold in March of this year for around $110,000, according to D'Andrea. LEDY is also planning to auction another of its resorts (Grand Aurelia, which is set in the Amazon rainforest) on the NFT marketplace Opensea in the near future.

LEDY is also looking to attract people who may not be familiar or comfortable with the metaverse, and thats why it has teamed up with Maize.

We aim to build this bridge between the real world and the virtual life, Emtiaz said. In terms of marketing, Rochelle has brought on board to bring clients who would be interested [in the metaverse] from the real-life community.

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