The first Reel of 'Bullet Train' was featured at Sony's CinemaCon presentation

The first Reel of 'Bullet Train' was featured at Sony's CinemaCon presentation ...

The filmmaker's upcoming action film, directed by David Leitch, has more than a trailer, rather than the first scene.

Leitch described the pic as "his action thriller with a comedic feel" and stated, "All of us at 87 North Productions are dedicated to cinema experience." When we were preparing this film during Covid and mask, we were sure it would be seen in a cinema. This film was originally intended for the big screen, and it is intended to be seen in cinemas.

"All of the characters in Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Zazie Beetz, Bryan Tyree Henry, Aaron-Taylor Johnson, and Bad Bunny are among the others.

As he strolls through Tokyo, Brad Pitt aka Ladybug receives a cell phone call from a mysterious female voice. He returns to a subway locker to retrieve sleeping powder and fireworks, but he leaves a gun behind. He then boards a bullet train, where an enigmatic gentleman boards. That guy is being tazed by King's Prince.

On the train, we meet Taylor-Johnson's Tangerine and Henry's Lemon who in flashbacks are talented and stylish assassins. Ladybug enters the train and retrieves a briefcase that apparently belongs to Tangerine and Lemon. He encounters Bad Bunny's knife wielding killer, who Ladybug fends off with the steel case.

Bullet Train was the first piece of footage seen tonight in Sony's session, which began with a video from President of the studio, saying, "I've spoken many times about Sony's commitment to protecting the exclusive theatrical window. When I arrived last week, I said theatrical will triumph, and indeed it has, and we did it together."

Sony's recent releases included Venom 2, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and Uncharted, which he noted was approaching $400 million worldwide. 'Trust me, my bosses will not let me not get to $400, so we will get to $400.' Spider-Man: No Way Home is the third-highest grossing film in history. It's also worth noting that it had an 88-day theatrical window, which caused the room to erupt in applause. 'We all proved

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