A Tropical Travel Couple Provides Us With Their Expert Guide To Curacao

A Tropical Travel Couple Provides Us With Their Expert Guide To Curacao ...

Temperatures are increasing, which means it's time to and start planning your spring and summer. Curacao, for instance, is a lesser-known location worthy of a spot on your bucket list.

The founders of Flip Flop Wanderers is a long-term, slow traveler whose mission is to help their followers achieve their goals. Out of the many incredible destinations they have visited, Bram and Manon decided to make Curacao their home base.

Curacao is really a Caribbean island you need to feel for yourself. Especially when it comes to cultural diversity, the world's most beautiful beaches, colorful architecture, and beautiful nature, the couple tells UPROXX. With these ingredients, we feel that it is the perfect island for a vacation while still being undiscovered. You just have to add it to your bucket list!

If you don't have the confidence to book your flight, stop reading their online travel guide for where to stay, play, eat, and dance. In Curacao, this is your guide.



We chose to live in Curacao because it is truly a home for us. We had been here for quite a while now, with the first time when Manon completed an internship on the island. For Dutch people, it's very simple to go here and a lot of instructors spend time on the island. Bram came to Manon after 2.5 months as well, and we both fell in love with the area!

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