Prime Video's Best Sci-Fi TV Shows

Prime Video's Best Sci-Fi TV Shows ...

Prime Video has picked up three of the best sci-fi series out there: Counterpart, and. If you've already seen that essential trio, there are more excellent sci-fi series worth a try.

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Scroll down to see our top picks for the best sci-fi TV shows you can stream right now on Prime Video.

Electric Dreams (2017-2018)

Electric Dreams is a success story, with each episode of the anthology series a vibrant, polished product, spirring on the basis of its source material: Philip K. Dick's works. As with most anthologies, some episodes are better than others, but if you're looking for story with Black Mirror-like setups, let this reverie slip over you.

The Man in the High Castle (2015-2019)

Producer Ridley Scott delivers a humorous narrative about the Man in the High Castle. Based on a Philip K. Dick novel, the series focuses on characters from the 1960s who live in a different era, where Nazi Germany and Japan were involved in the war. However, there is a lack of hope in the story. This is a very compelling series that follows viewers who have been frustrated by the fact that they are unable to get up.

Counterpart (2017-2019)

J.K. Simmons is putting off J.K. Simmons for a second time. Set in Germany during a cold war, the sci-fi thriller follows a low-lying office grunt devastated by his ill-being. One day, he meets himself and receives a better version from a distant world. Secrets, a tense action, and a remarkable dual-lead performance from Simmons make Counterpart a must-watch.

Tales from the Loop (2020)

Tales from the Loop is a stunning series that explores loneliness, age, and technology. Based on a narrative art book by Swedish artist Simon Stlenhag, the series is surprisingly striking to see. Meticulous, symmetrical frames seem to give off a painterly sense.

Orphan Black (2013-2017)

Tatiana Maslany is shown in more ways than one, especially in the film She-Hulk. Before she becomes a popular character in Disney Plus's new series, you'll see no less than 14 characters in one series, including a hallucinated scorpion. Just let that sink in for a second. Orphan Black weaves smart sci-fi concepts into a fast-paced thriller, gimming with additional mystery and comedy in its stride. A must-watch sci-fi

The Expansion (2015-2022)

Amazon removed The Expanse from the realm of canceled television, bringing it up to six seasons. Thank goodness it did, because The Expanse is a clever sci-fi with realistic characters, high production values, and a dash of detective noir. A conspiracy threatens to break down the solar system in a long-term future. A band of antiheroes will play a key role in the consistently excellent future seasons.

Feed (2019)

With this British series about technology gone wrong, The Feed is focused on a microphone that lets people livestream their lives without having to press a button on a phone. No, nothing goes wrong. David Thewlis and Michelle Fairley are both well-known. Although The Feed isn't as polished or deep-cutting as Black Mirror, it's still worth a look.

Humans (2015-2018)

Humans might not be entirely original, but the assembled parts sing. A British family buys an artificially intelligent robot called a "synth" to help out in their hectic lives. Humans' greatest strengths are the intelligent, capable individuals who cultivate a sense of belonging. A mystery is a powerful tool for humankind, with a focus on human being, pain, and perception.

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