American Cinema Editors Recognize Oscars' pre-taped Category Revamp and Call For A Future Demonstration Of "Fairness And Inclusiveness"

American Cinema Editors Recognize Oscars' pre-taped Category Revamp and Call For A Future Demonstrat ...

During the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony, a video statement today condemned the use of film editing and seven other categories as pre-taped segments, as well as requesting changes.

The video resurfaces on a quote from famous filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, which demonstrates that filming is "the most essential" of cinema.

Members of the group said that during this year's Academy Awards, film editors and many other essential arts were left on the cutting edge floor of cinematic history. We feel cheated, insulted, and dissatisfied by the way our art was deemed superfluous, in favor of bloated performances and spectacle.

ACE then solicited that "creative designers, set decorators, costume designers, compositers, makeup/hair writers, short-film designers, sound artists, and artists from all walks of life join us in demanding fairness and inclusion.

In the closing, the guild said, "Give us a voice in this process." "Let us work together to develop a strategy that truly honors filmmaking and assures this never happens again."

Members cited issues with seeing artisans' speeches cut down and ending up on social media before being included into the telecast. Another issue involving announcing speeches, however, was that speeches were not presented in their entirety.

On February 22, AMPA President David Rubin announced the decision to modify the 2022 season, with eight pre-taped categories added into the final season, and they faced overwhelming backlash from mainstream organizations including the American Cinema Editors and the Set Decorators of America, as well as filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro. ACE's message comes ahead of the Academy's Board of Governors on Tuesday, to unpack this year's event with an eye on the next edition.

Check out ACE's video release by clicking below.

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