In his last tweet, 'Big Short' developer Michael Burry exposes an imminent market melt

In his last tweet, 'Big Short' developer Michael Burry exposes an imminent market melt ...

Is premonitions a concern?

Is there really a sign that might warn you about the Armageddon?

Is there a possibility on the wall that market watchers are too afraid to see?

If the last Twitter post from Michael Burry, American hedge fund investors is a clue, then the stock market is going for a sad period.

Burry, who appeared in Michael Lewis' "The Big Short," for incorrectly anticipating that the housing market would crash in 2005, recently tweeted, "At least I tried."

In the same way, actor Christian Bale, best known for the superhero drama 'Batman,' played Burry.

Paramount UK

Burry, one of the first people to warn of an imminent American housing market bubble, deleted his Twitter account shortly after posting this tweet.

With Tesla () CEO Elon Musk is set to take over the platform on the back of its website.

Burry, the manager of Scion Asset Management, has tweeted that Netflix () might be heading for turbulence following its reported date in the March quarter.

TheStreet Recommandations

"The competition for Netflix "is similar to that of Tesla," Burry wrote.

Michael Tedder of TheStreet claims that increased competition in the streaming world is one of the main reasons for Netflix's loss of subscribers.

Burry's Past Investing Advice

In June 2021, some of Burry's other tweets warned his supporters against investing in the world's most traded cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

The bitcoin price was somewhat below $30,000 a day after Burry's tweet.

Burry sounded alarm bells for another market scuffle around the same time, adding that the so-called will eventually conclude poorly.

"All hype/speculation is putting in retail before the mother of all problems," he wrote on Twitter.

During the peak of the epidemic, heavily shorted GameStop () - stock was one of the hot favorite among young amateur traders.

Will Burry's mental model spell spell doom as a result of it?

There's only one way to get started.

Concerns about the Ukraine conflict, the recent Covid-19 epidemic in China, a lurking fear of a US or European recession, and rising global inflation are all being considered as main factors in upcoming economic turmoil.

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