Microsoft isn't completing its purchase of game companies

Microsoft isn't completing its purchase of game companies ...

In terms of pure revenue, making your journey to the top of the video game industry pyramid is a very difficult task.

Tencent, a Chinese gaming company, has been reported to have generated $70 billion in revenue for several years.

Two of the country's most popular mobile games, "PUBG:Battlegrounds" and "Honor of Kings," are worth billions a year each.

Tencent owns a share in a total of 41 gaming companies in several countries, including Epic Games, Activision Blizzard () -, and Ubisoft ().

The top names on the list include well-known names such as Sony Interactive Entertainment () -, Nintendo () -, and Microsoft () -. Following Tencent, the list has reached a new high.

One way to climb the ladder is to just buy another company on the list. It's clear that the company's decision is followed in January 2022.

After a recent job posting, it appears like Microsoft isn't finishing its mission to acquire companies that may assist it climb to the top.

Which Companies Is Microsoft Planning to Buy Next?

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Microsoft is looking for a manager of game strategy and development in a job listing, according to reports.

The duties for this role include "Designing and evaluating the business case for content & technology acquisitions," as well as "creating business plans for new growth initiatives (e.g., new products, business models, geographies, etc.)" and "Identifying and approving critical consumer / technology/business trends."

While there is no indication on what Microsoft might want to buy next, it appears like the company wants an expert to assist it identify "transformative growth opportunities."

It's a big business to purchase other game companies.

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In the last few years, there have been a lot of buyouts in the video game space, such as Netflix () - Next Games, Boss Fight, and Night School.

In 2021, Sony acquired several smaller studios, including Firesprite, a Finnish developer who has developed several games for Sony's PlayStation VR, and Valkyrie Entertainment, an studio that is known for providing support for the release of huge budget titles, including several entries in the "God of War."

Housemarque, a Finnish company that pioneered the award-winning PlayStation 5 sci-fi action game "Returnal," was also bought.

Ubisoft, a French publisher, has been a hot topic among private equity firms interested in buying it, according to a study that "deliberations are at an early stage."

Blackstone Inc. and KKR & Co. are among the collaborating companies.

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