The Official NBA Playoff Guide For Guys

The Official NBA Playoff Guide For Guys ...

There are so many differences in sports, that you can leave everything on the field, but don't give anything away, it ain't until it's over, both teams played tough, and after the Warriors beat the Nuggets in Game 3, Draymond Green slit another.

"Some people that you think are guys are not men," says the author.

Who's Dray talking about?

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"You have to give credit to players who demonstrate in the playoffs, because it's just not a normal thing around this league," Green says, adding, "You look around and some people you think are Guys, and not Guys in the playoffs."

If you believed this was an answer about Gary Payton II, and how well he has been performing in the now 3-1 series, then that's fine. However, if you heard this quote a few days ago, or are hearing it for the first time now, you may be settling down.

Some people who you think are Guys aren't.

To trust Green, the Cheshire cat as he can be, to make this cipher for chaps and this fiddlestick for fellas at our feet. Because you probably don't need more to worry about these NBA playoffs, let alone the legitimacy of men, let it be ours, the experts, to reach the bottom of what Green meant.

First, it appears essential to define the guy in question, the capital G Guy that Green held up as the model for, we can surmise, the lowercase g guys out there. Green would certainly consider himself a Guy, but it was Payton II that propeld him to this paradox, thus he's in. Steph Curry, Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, and others all discussed in Green's postgame when it comes to capital G guy attributes, but Green praised the Joker profusely, so

Is Green implying that for a good data and clarification, we need to expand the scope of guys and look back on the business of former footballers. First, they are the most likely players in the NBA, and Jokic's own Guy, Jamal Murray, is also one of the most adept athletes in the game. This is because he is somewhat comfortable being a Guy. You know this because he has seen photographs of him in his harness racing cart.

The 16-Game Player theorem of Draymond's guys vs. Guys is evolving, assuming that some players are simply more adept at playoff basketball, while others are 82-game players, who excel in the regular season, but don't have the same impact until the playoff time.

Some gloomy, classical guys who are men

Robert Horry Ray Allen Rasheed Wallace Derek Fisher Manu Ginobili Dennis Rodman

More modern athletes, slammed from the last half dozen title teams:

J.R. Smith, Kris Middleton, Alex Caruso, Harrison Barnes, and Danny Green are all on the lookout for a place in the game.

Because it's crucial to drawback dudes who are still Guys, regardless of whether or not they have had the opportunity to compete:

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