Tekno, Afrobeats' star, has an innovative past, present, and future

Tekno, Afrobeats' star, has an innovative past, present, and future ...

Tekno is still alive and well before he'll perform at Afro Nation's first night in Puerto Rico. According to Mario, Mario, aka Rio, Tek is on the same delayed plane. It's one of the very first things I try to ask Tekno about when he gets there, but he's not quite concerned.

Tekno's ability to whisk melodic harmonies and live instruments into something familiar and unknown at the same time is unmatched. Clearly, it doesn't go unnoticed. In 2019, Drake and Swae Lee tapped in with him for the Afrobeats song Don't Jealous Me and Beyonce infused with Tekno's essence on Don't Jealous Me. Although, a chance to be part of a Beyonce-anything is no small feat.

When he arrives in LA, he says, "Well, for one, I did not meet yet." "It was just this camp in LA where everybody is coming home. This is the place where we all meet up and make music. For me, as an artist, I just literally went in there and watched the songs they had. I was really impressed by the beat. I made the album, but there was no personal sh*t where I was involved with Beyonce or something. But hopefully, I will do that."

Beyonce and Drake aren't the only high-profile artists who prefer the sounds of Tekno Miles. Elton John and (who really loves Tekno) are honored with his musical maturity, though. His colorful signature soundman-ship is a vibrancy that cannot be shaken up as it is meant to be admired.

These people you mentioned are people who perform their research and as an artist, you listen to a variety of sounds. It's not like I try to prove a point to nobody. I don't have to come out and say, Oh, Im the best. It means really recognize real.

Tek relaxes on a small couch inside his trailer, conpicuously adorned with a black Balenciaga tee on top of diamond-encrusted chains, accessorized with a black and red Dolce & Gabanna bucket hat and dark shades. Eventually, Rio clears almost everyone out of the trailer. Tekno is up next.

There appears to be a problem. The festival's organizers are short of time and are concerned about whether Tekno will perform tomorrow. Today, CKay and Tekno were delayed due to the delayed jet. The organizers were stressed and pleading with Rio. Rio's answer is a flat no, so a rush to the stage begins.

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