Ice-T is a dramatic suggestion for Musk on how to improve Twitter

Ice-T is a dramatic suggestion for Musk on how to improve Twitter ...

Well, it's official. Elon Musk is a scientist.

In order to "unlock" its "tremendous potential, Tesla and SpaceX CEO will purchase his favorite social media platform for $44 billion.

The outcome of this change has arisen no shortage of questions, ranging from whether to be back on Twitter after being banned last year to what it will be like if Musk fulfills his promise.

There are also much larger concerns at play here, such as the danger in one person essentially owning the public square in the 21st century, and if Musk's free-speech bias will result in even less moderation on Twitter, and if that will result in an increase in harassment and hate speech.

All of these concerns have been answered on Twitter most day.

There were also a lot of jokes on Twitter, though, some of them were ignored.

What are people saying about Elon Musk buying Twitter?

Power tweeters, Extremely Online clients, and well-known people have expressed their views on the sale.

TheStreet Recommands

Many of Twitter's most respected users have a love-hate relationship with the website, which they resent it's addictive nature and the effect that doom-scrolling has on their mental health, but they cannot quite the site for free from ignoring the discourse. Will the internet become even worse?

Many people's jokes were more focused on what this will mean for Musk's cult-of-personality, as well as the thousands of loyal fans who tweet every day.

Sogar a Marvel super hero had weighed in.

There were other individuals who took the opportunity to point out that Musk promised to donate a mere $6 billion to alleviate world hunger a few months ago, and what happened?

Democratic opponents of Musk were nain't going to hold their tongues, however.

Then again, some people think it will all be OK, including a writer for "Late Night With Seth Meyers."

Ice T, a rapper and actor, provided a suggestion on how Musk might improve the service.

Musk is devoted to everything he does, so Twitter already seems to be worth it.

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