Taco Bell Updates Menu Items, Challenges Wendy's, and McDonald's

Taco Bell Updates Menu Items, Challenges Wendy's, and McDonald's ...

Taco Bell makes it difficult to keep up with its menu. The chain is sort of endlessly tinkering with its offerings, returning things, trying new items, and shifting what makes up its various meal deals.

Yum! Brands () - chain can do this because its core menu allows it to easily tweak its offerings. Even when Taco Bell returns its Nacho Fries it can endlessly adapt them by adding new toppings or throwing some meat and cheese on them.

This allows the chain to make its menu feel completely new without having to tow a complicated kitchen. If it adds a new sauce, it may use that to create a variety of new items.

Are there any of them that different? Yes, they are most certainly non, but a bacon cheeseburger isn't that much different from a cheeseburger, even if it's emphatically better. This might be the case for some new breakfast options (and a new morning deal) the chain has been testing.

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Taco Bell Added To Its Breakfast Menu

Taco Bell's current breakfast program was launched in March 2014, in a variety of ways. Think breakfast burritos, as well as a variety of wraps with eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and cheese.

Taco Bell's breakfast is twisty. It's not necessarily that big from McDonald's () - or Wendy's () - but it employs tortillas as the key "bun," rather than biscuits, English muffins, or bagels.

The Mexican chain has also offered bundled meals in the morning with a $5 Bell Breakfast box. That's similar to its afternoon promotions, like Wendy's 4 for $4 and its $5 Biggie Big, which are really just variations on McDonald's Combo dishes.

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Taco Bell's $5 Bell Breakfast Box has a fresh perspective, bringing out additional options, including two items that aren't currently on the menu.

Taco Bell has added a $5 breakfast box.

The Taco Bell $5 Breakfast Box has yet to make the main entree available, namely the Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito. Depending on whether bacon, sausage, or steak, you may choose between two options.

According to a study from, the chain has begun testing new possibilities.

Taco Bell is now testing "a new version of the Bell Breakfast Box for a limited period in the Nashville, Tennessee area, which offers a choice from three different dishes: the Breakfast Crunchwrap, Breakfast Quesadilla, and Breakfast Flatbread Melt."

There is currently no breakfast Quesadilla nor the Breakfast Flatbread Melt on the menu.

According to Brand Eating, "The Breakfast Flatbread Melt offers a choice of bacon or sausage with scrambled eggs and a melted 3-cheese blend. "The Breakfast Flatbread Melt includes a choice of bacon or sausage mixed with scrambled eggs and a 3-cheese blend, served on a fluffy flatbread."

The $5 Bell Breakfast Box includes a medium fountain drink (to help you prepare all your morning soda demands), hash browns, and a two-pack of Cinnabon Delights. (You may substitute coffee for the fountain drink if you want to be less extreme during breakfast times).

This test comes at a time when Wendy's reduced the amount of money, thus reducing those choices to its $5 Biggie Bag. Taco Bell may have an advantage over its competitors in the fact that it can offer more choices because the majority of the various options are more or less the same.

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