The Royal Caribbean makes a move (Most) Parents will love it

The Royal Caribbean makes a move (Most) Parents will love it ...

As the covid epidemic becomes a less serious issue, cruise lines have slowly returned to normal or at least near-normal.

It's not that the coronavirus pandemic has ended, but it most certainly hasn't, and deadly new therapies are always possible.

Royal Caribbean () -, Carnival Cruise Lines () -, and Norwegian Cruise Lines () have all worked hard to return the cruise experience until the end of 2020.

When sailing began in July 2020, Royal Caribbean had not completely changed its policies. The first US cruise left July 2 on Freedom of the Seas and vaccinations were suggested, not entirely required, and precruise testing was not yet a thing.

Social distancing was encouraged, but not particularly enforced, and masks were required in some areas, but sections marked vaccinated-only were mask-free.

The cruise line continued to enforce mask regulations in strictness, but masks remained an onboard requirement until February, when the cruise line extended them to each group except one: kids using the Adventure Ocean club.

This rule has become more applicable, and while some parents may enjoy the mask requirements, many have found that it does not prevent their children from having a normal vacation.

The Royal Caribbean

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What Is the Royal Caribbean Adventure Ocean?

Adventure Ocean is a catch-all name for Royal Caribbean's onboard areas for children aged 12 and under. Although the age variations may vary by ship, there are groups for kids starting at 6 months old and transitioning to 12-year olds. These are sometimes extra charges (it depends on the age and the time of day).

While these are come-and-go-as-you-please, instead of the check-in required babysitting service, teenagers may have their own aboard restrooms.

The cruise line's devastating return has left the airline limited. On many sailings, the time available was limited, although walk-ins were accepted if there was availability). Departure Ocean also continued to operate.

Because while Royal Caribbean requires all passengers to provide a negative covid test only two days before sailing, kids 12 and under were not required to be vaccinated. That void meant that children who were previously vaccinated and unvaccinated would not be vaccinated at Adventure Ocean at the same time.

While children 12 and older are still not required to be vaccinated to cruise with Royal Caribbean, the Adventure Ocean mask policy has been reintroduced so that masks may be optional.

What Has The Royal Caribbean Done With Masks?

According to Matt Hochberg of the, the cruise line has no affiliation with the Adventure Ocean mask. After one of his readers saw it on her cruise on Oasis of the Seas, the cruise line had issued the following guidelines.

"Mask wearing is optional for children participating in Adventure Ocean. However, masks are recommended for unvaccinated children 2 and up. Children under 2 do not need to wear a mask at any time."

It's a different story from recent techniques, which have required masks.

Both major cruise lines, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian, have been removed. That change has come after a federal judge closed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's effort to extend mask-wearing restrictions in transportation hubs.

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