Elon Musk's Overturn Has Reacted on Twitter Users

Elon Musk's Overturn Has Reacted on Twitter Users ...

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchased social media platform Twitter () -.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, the agreement will make a significant difference in Musk's estimated $260 billion net worth, but it also allows Musk to take control of a platform he believes is right.

Musk is most active on social media on Twitter, with over 83 million followers and often tweeting memes and non-sequiturs.

On the app, Musk takes a swipe at his critics, which he used last week to bully fellow billionaire Bill Gates.

Musk offered his adversaries a sluggish olive branch on Monday.

TheStreet Recommands

At one point on Monday, the term "leaving twitter" was trending, with numerous accounts expressing their disgruntled displeasure over the pending sale.

Several individuals who wish to leave were left leaning, and some offered advice on their ways out.

Despite the fact that the hashtag was soon removed by trolls, who basically advised those who are not threatening to leave not to let the door knock them on the way out.

Other people were concerned about Twitter employees, who will now have to respond to Musk.

They may have reason to be concerned: Musk is considering shutting Twitter's HQ building and eliminating employees.

Twitter's stock has dropped by more than 5% to $51.70 per share on Monday.

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