Burger King Seasons a Whopper of an Offer on Its Menu

Burger King Seasons a Whopper of an Offer on Its Menu ...

The idea of a fast-food subscription model seemed at first an odd angle for everyone except patrons who eat at a chain every day.

While you aren't one of them, there are still a lot more than you might be aware of. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a third of Americans eat fast food every day, according to a survey in 2018 (so perhaps the numbers are rising due to the epidemic).

According to data, the subscription model has already proven to be profitable for fast-food customers. Yum! Brands () - darling Taco Bell in January 2022. By February, Taco Bell's Chief Digital Officer stated that customer visits to restaurant locations remained attainable.

Because it's not about "free" foods in so much as it is about empowering the customer to feel like a VIP, encouraging them to come in more often. And the more they come in, the more likely they are to buy other items while they're there.

Restaurant Brands International () has decided it's time to take on the game, and has announced a brand new free food offer for Royal Perks customers, which is sure to draw tourists.

Burger King

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What are Burger King's only new members offering?

Members of Burger King Royal Perks have access to a new freebie: free fries in your choice of choice for every given order, which is now known as a "Frequent Fry'er."

All Royal Perks members must do a search via the app to claim this offer. If you are yet a Royal Perks member, download the app and sign up until June 20 in order to receive this offer.

Members of Royal Perks might increase an order of fries, hash browns, or a coffee for free. While the latter two may be still available, we're guessing that the new free fry offer might replace the previous one.

This perk has joined, including earning 10 Crowns for each dollar spent in restaurants, in the app, and on delivery orders. Members also earn double points during their birthday month.

What Can Happen to Other Fast Food Businesses?

Burger King is on the verge of having a lot more foot traffic if this recent move is nearing Taco Bell's Taco Lover's pass.

McDonald's () and Chick-fil-A, two of Burger King's biggest competitors, offer rewards programs where customers earn points when buying food. No one of them offers free food on every visit, but Taco Bell does not charge a monthly fee for that perk, thus offering it at no additional cost sets a fresh standard some may expect.

QSR is in the right position to make a more efficient move, partly because of its strong performance from Burger King and Tim Horton's. Online sales were also cited as an area where the business is seeing more success, so it makes perfect sense to see Burger King pushing hard to keep that momentum going.

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