Taco Bell adds a bold new take on the brunch menu

Taco Bell adds a bold new take on the brunch menu ...

At the age of 18, wrestling out in the fast-food serving world has always been a battle with large stakes.

McDonald's () has been dominating the area for the longest time, starting its Egg McMuffin in 1971. Despite its wide variety of dishes, it is able to roll through the drive-thru every day, and many of them are there for a breakfast they consider a classic.

Other brands wanted to emulate McDonald's' success with breakfast, and some have done a great job of it. Chick Fil A is also well-known for its quality breakfasts, with its Chicken Biscuit as the star of the program.

Wendy's () has hardly begun its morning workouts in 2020, but is reporting for the launch, which was particularly notable considering the launch took place during the covid epidemic.

Taco Bell has been working on establishing its footing in the breakfast space for eight years now. It was forced to as a result of the epidemic's impact on the business, but made a comeback in September 2021.

Taco Bell is well-known for doing attention-grabbing activities to keep its brand new, like as its Chief Impact Officer in 2021. And now it has a fresh idea to get a bite on the brunch crowd that is, certainly, fantastic.

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Taco Bell Drag Brunch Has Arrived

Taco Bell

While a fearless lady struts unapologetically in your general direction, Taco Bell is on course to make your day.

Starting on May 1, the chain will conduct a Taco Bell Drag Brunch in five locations: Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, New York, and Fort Lauderdale. Each show will be hosted by a drag performer and will feature local "queens and queens."

Out of the current breakfast menu, guests will be served mimosas, because being sober for all the joy of a drag brunch may seem a little wrong.

Anyone can participate in the 18-hour show and registers for them via OpenTable. Taco Bell Rewards members on the Fire! Tier gain early access to the event on April 26, before the general public. App users that earn 2,000 points in a calendar year are automatically promoted to this tier.

Taco Bell and It Gets Better

The Drag Brunch is being held as a partnership event with the, as the Bell gets a grant to assist LGBTQ+ community members prepare for and thrive in the work world.

"What started nearly twelve years ago as a motivation to offer hope and encouragement to young LGBTQ+ people has become a global movement to enhance and empower queer youth before they're in crisis," said Brian Wenke, executive director of the It Gets Better project. "We are beyond excited to partner with Taco Bell and the Taco Bell Foundation to honor the LGBTQ+ community through the Drag Brunch experience and to collaborate on programs designed to engage LGBTQ+ youth around their career ambitions and future potential."

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