McDonald's asks its customers what menu items should return, and their reactions are gruesome

McDonald's asks its customers what menu items should return, and their reactions are gruesome ...

Over the years the McDonald's () - menu has seen a tumultuous selection. Some are popular and have been brought back back like the McRib, which makes limited appearances whenever the chain can collect enough of pork scraps that make the sandwich at the right price.

McDonald's has tried dozens of different burgers over the last year, but nobody else seems to recall the Arch Deluxe or Hula Burger (where the potato was a pineapple), but it has also released a slew of items that, although not so successful, encouraged some fan to request them re-imagine.

McSalad Shakers and McDonald's Snack Wraps have a strong fan base, but they also make it possible. The fast-food chain did recently redecorate its Spicy Chicken McNuggets, most of all due to customer demand.

McDonald's is simply urging its customers to weigh in on what items they want returned.

Will McDonald's respond to its customers?

McDonald's did not promise to take any action based on the Twitter query, but it may be outraged if it does not. As of the afternoon on April 24, the company's post had 8,600 retweets, and over 4,500 quote tweets. That's an enormous amount of engagement and should get the attention of employees even if that wasn't the case.

Fans of a few previously defunct items have shared with the chain what they want brought back. Several of the favorites included the list, as well as some items you may not remember.

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Despite the fact that certain individuals were popular with these items, some sought items that were somewhat dissatisfied when they were introduced.

And, the unofficial winner might be a mere item McDonald's have clamored for since its death, despite them not selling all that good when they were menu items.

A lot of visitors to a certain very popular boy band made an argument to bring back the group's signature meal.

What is McDonald's' response to?

The good news for the chain here is that almost every item it has seemingly ever sold is to have some support. McDonald's is likely to use these responses as the reason it restores almost anything.

This is also possible because it is effective market research, and McDonald's is looking at how people respond. Of course, some returns are less likely than others.

People are likely to hear whether or not a positive tweet was posted on Twitter, and the chain will likely respond. That could lead to several old favorites returning, which will also encourage increased social media activity by the chain's fans as they see the benefits of lobbying for their return.

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