Kevin O'Leary, who plays Putin in Ukraine, says that Mr. Wonderful

Kevin O'Leary, who plays Putin in Ukraine, says that Mr. Wonderful ...

Kevin O'Leary has been long term compared to Donald Trump.

When Mattel acquired the company, Canadian businessmen co-founded SoftKey Software Products, and became a multimillionaire.

After he appeared on "Shark Tank," the American version of "Dragon's Den," he poked fun at how his business success enticed him into television.

O'Leary adopted the qualities of a blunt, brutally honest, egotistical mogul who would often instruct contestants to stop crying. His reputation for being arguably too mean earned him the nickname "Mr. Wonderful."

And, as Trump sat down, O'Leary tried to tap his business and television into the political world.

In 2017, he was promoted to lead the Conservative Party of Canada. He did well for himself for a while, but eventually dropped out one month before the election due to a lack of support.

There are a number of reasons to keep this in mind, and one of the main ones is that while Trump is famously loathe to ever say a bad word about Russian President Vladimir Putin and has only offered half-hearted dismissal of Putin's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, O'Leary isn't shy about making Putin's distaste known.

What was Mr. Wonderful's experience with Putin?

On his Twitter account on Friday, O'Leary revealed that his feelings about Putin were heard, describing him as a scumbag, and hoping to be struck by lightning.

TheStreet Recommands

This isn't the first time O'Leary has used his Twitter account to mock Putin. Previously, he said that if Putin were a stock, he would not be a hot one.

Although O'Leary appears to be sharing his spiciest views on Twitter, it's not where she is going.

O' Leary on his YouTube channel (for which he's truly adept at the Mr. Wonderful persona) recently opined about Russia's consequences, and how the invasion will affect Putin.

"It's very difficult because obviously, Putin is unpredictable, and everybody understands that," he adds on the video while wearing an unusual combination of a suit jacket and white shorts, before discussing how unprecedented it was for the famously neutral Swiss government to shut down the accounts of Russian oligarchs, depriving them of access to their wealth.

Before adding, my belief is that Putin will have a hunting accident. He has pulled aside all of the help he has internally. He might also drink radioactive tea, however.

While nobody expects O'Leary to punches, his assessment here is genuine. This is a man who has made his reputation on focus on money rather than emotion. That might give him a special insight into what Russia's financially crippled oligarchs might be thinking.

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