"We've All Learned To Live With Uncertainty," according to Warner Bros. Int. Chief on Russia and China Markets - CinemaCon

"We've All Learned To Live With Uncertainty," according to Warner Bros. Int. Chief on Russia and Chi ...

As the Russia-Ukraine war tumults on, dissolution will continue to affect the international theatrical system, and nearly half of China's theaters have been shuttered due to the recent Covid crackdown.

Russia, which is currently being boycotted by studios, is up about 5% of the worldwide box office on average, indicating that the year is to be extreme. Including theaters being shut around the world is for another reason, and we must hope there is a semblance of a solution.

"I don't know is it ceasefire, and a pull out? I just don't know at this point. Only that there are no Hollywood releases going into the country. I just hope you can get to a position and time in which you can bring product back to the country," Cripps said during a panel discussion with filmmaker Denis Villenueve, who joined via a video from Budapest where he is prepping : Part II.

The Batman was pulled from Russia in early March at the eleventh hour following the country's invasion of Ukraine. Cripps said the piracy of the film and other projects is a concern in Russia and China, where Shanghai is locked down, Beijing is on alert, and 57% of theaters are closed.

Korea, which is now one of the most vibrant international markets, has experienced a massive slowdown. People stopped watching films there, Japan said, likewise Australia and the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE. We would like the whole word to do better, said the leader.

The film industry is also dealing with shorter windows as part of streaming competition. "I am concerned that theatrical windows should go back to being as long as possible," said Villenueve. "They should be able to experience something new, that's part of the conversation, the zeitgeist, the moment. We have to go back to longer windows."

The panel was part of the International Filmmakers Roundtable hosted by Deadline international box office editor Nancy Tartaglione. Parent and Villenueve have been selected as the international filmmakers of the Year.

The global box office, including North America, has raised almost $6.7 billion this year, versus $4.3 billion in the same period in 2021. International accounts for $5 billion, with a 28 percent increase, although it is off the ground, and the sector is still awaiting a return to pre-Covid levels.

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