In 2021, more than 1 billion IoT attacks will be reported

In 2021, more than 1 billion IoT attacks will be reported ...

According to a new research, smart devices that encompass the, such as security cameras, gaming platforms, televisions, appliances, doorbells, and others, have increased. These devices have become increasingly a vector of attack for individuals and businesses. In 2021, more than 900 million people reported such attacks.

In addition, half of home and micro business networks were exposed to an attack or suspicious network traffic behavior in 2021, including, brute force attacks, phishing, and DPI policy-based attacks. In addition, researchers found that routers were most susceptible to attack. Other common vulnerable devices included extenders and mesh (17%), access points (17%), NAS (4%), cameras (3%), and smart home devices (3%).

A wide range of IoT attacks can be attributed to a number of factors. One may argue that the IoT ecosystem has a general lack of security, especially for consumers or micro-businesses who may not be aware of the dangers those devices pose. Additionally, there is a large diversity in OEMs and operating systems in the IoT ecosystem, which may entail a complicated approach to (if they are only done at all).

The growing use of Mirai and Mozi is also a worthy thing to keep an eye on. We have seen different versions of the notorious Mirai botnet primarily targeting IoT devices since 2016, and we continue to see it targeting IoT devices and home routers in 2021. The Mirai and Mozi botnets also expanded their target area of attack to include additional devices.

The report based on data collected from 132 million active IoT devices and 730,000 secure networks, which were anonymous for the purpose of the report.

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