Is McDonald's becoming more popular due to the pandemic?

Is McDonald's becoming more popular due to the pandemic? ...

Remember that when you made promises to cook elaborate meals at home and in general become a healthier version of you? Apparently, neither do many of us, as well as traffic at fast food chains and McDonald's () - in particular, are now higher than before the epidemic.

Visits to all fast food quick-service establishments, according to's most recent, are up 5.5 percent from the first week of April in 2019.

And even as experiment with restaurants, the number of people suggests that we are moving toward ordering exclusively online and enjoying the food outside the restaurants.

Monthly Returning Visitors Are Down As Traffic Is Up

The predominant industry trend is that foot traffic to quick-service restaurants will increase and fall in response to major COVID-19 events in January 2021, visits were down by 32.6 percent for McDonald's and 26.9% for the entire industry but pick up as soon as a lull of new infections comes.

"Many McDonald's patrons prefer to receive delivery or to pick up their food and eat elsewhere during Coronavirus outbreaks, and the lack of visit numbers in early 2021 reflect that," authors say.

Despite the lack of digital channels, the fact that, since 2021, nationwide McDonald's visit numbers have quickly increased as a result of the persistent demand for on-premise meal ordering, pick-up, and/or consumption."

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McDonald's traffic increased by 1.9 percent in October 2021, but the recent increase is the highest recorded so far. Causation is always difficult to induc, although, according to the authors, many remain interested in eat their Big Mac onsite despite the availability of pickup, drive-thru, and other off-site options.

"The immediate shift in visiting hours to McDonald's is likely to result in a significant shift in working patterns since the outbreak," says the report.

McDonald's is aware that customers want more health.

While foot traffic is increasing, the number of returning monthly visitors has dropped. At 33.3% in March 2022, the number of people who return to McDonald's in a second month has dropped since 2017, but are still below the 36.5% seen before the epidemic 2019.

The authors believe that increased concern for the health benefits of foods has led many to abandon the high-calorie McDonald's foods that were studied decades ago.

McDonald's is navigating a more health-conscious consumer 54 percent of Americans that they prefer more health-focused foods when it comes to dining.

As consumers turn to chains with fresh menus, the answer might be a host of other factors: regular fluctuation, pandemic-related changes to dining hours, and changes, among others.

McDonald's extended its offering of healthier options across the menu in owing to the short-lived salad shakers in and the introduction of its premium salad line in, according to reports. "Very recent attempts at winning over health-conscious consumers, such as adding the McPlant to its burger line, have been seen."

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