Elon Musk Could Do With Twitter, Ice-T Has A Suggestion For The 'Kinda Dope' Thing

Elon Musk Could Do With Twitter, Ice-T Has A Suggestion For The 'Kinda Dope' Thing ...

Elon Musk started flexing his billionaire wallet with a mindset that didn't work very well. Despite the news that Hulu will soon air a New York Times article, Elon received what he wanted from social media. CNN reports that Twitter went ahead and from Musk, who is said to have secured $44 billion for the transaction.

Elon purchased 11% of Twitter shares and then decided/not to sit on the board. Musk continued his purchase with, in which he praised Twitter's "tremendous potential" and further stated, "Free speech is the foundation of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where things fundamental to the future of humanity are debated."

Yes, that's a lot. Often on Twitter, people are alternately appreciative and angry, depending on whether or not the platform will go downhill in a deluge of demons or (somehow) improve. Well, let's just say that there is at least one person who isn't stressed over it, and that is Ice-T. Please do not talk to him, but feel free to listen. "It would kinda dope if Musk purchased Twitter and just shut it off

If Musk bought Twitter and shut it off, it would be pretty dope. Lol


Ice offered up a "For the Record" statement, but no one understands what he's saying in a political way. "I'm not on the Left or the Right," he wrote. "Red or the Blue.. If you ask me... #Politricks," the actor writes.

If you ask me, I'm not on the right or the left. Red or the Blue. That's Gang Bangin.


Ice-T would not be upset if he's wanted for years, as anyone might safely guess. Fingers crossed!

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