Trend Micro has unveiled a new attack surface management tool that focuses on external-facing assets

Trend Micro has unveiled a new attack surface management tool that focuses on external-facing assets ...

Trend Micro One, a new ununified cybersecurity platform, has been announced today, allowing hackers to instantly discover and secure internal and external assets through attack surface discovery, cyber risk analysis, threat mitigation, and response.

The cloud-based solution provides information for over 250 billion people across the user's environment, including Bit Discovery, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Okta, Palo Alto Networks, Service Now, Slack, Qualys, Rapid7, Splunk, and Tenable.

Trend Micro's native data-collection capabilities and its integrated ecosystem-driven approach have the potential to provide a clearer understanding of the security hazards that exist in diverse cloud and hybrid cloud environments, through a single platform.

Finding and safeguarding external assets

The launch of Trend Micro One comes as more organizations struggle to defend their organization's attack surface's amid increasing threats.

7 out of 10 organizations have been compromised by an unknown, unmanaged, or poorly managed. This is partly due to the complexity of taking an inventory of external-facing assets, with the average organization taking over 80 hours to produce their attack surface.

As we know, the attack surface is increasing. All of the cyber assets that are connected to an organization, and all of the possible attack vectors. Each possible entry point into an organization is an opportunity for an attacker, said Greg Young of Trend Micro.

According to Young, security teams have their hands tied by the realities of alert fatigue coming from using cyber security solutions that are difficult to digest.

"Being able to fully see, accurately assess, and effectively mitigate cyber risk across the enterprise is not done by a single solution. Nor is it solved by a slew of independent solutions," Young said.

Trend Micro One creates a cloud service, devices, and email that provides users with more visibility over external-facing assets that exist throughout their environment, as well as insights into risks and vulnerabilities.

The ASM market is expanding.

The market is in a state of growth, with experts anticipating that the market will grow from $13.8 billion in 2021 to $18.7 billion by 2026 as the number of vulnerabilities increases, as businesses are subjected to a growing number of regulations and policies.

Trend Micro is partnering with a slew of services to manage the attack surface, including Cortex, which maintains an inventory of all internet connected assets in an environment.

Palo Alto Networks estimated that it would have generated $4.3 billion in 2021.

Another competitor is a penetration testing and attack surface management solution provider, which received $90 million last year.

The ASM platform provided by NetSPI allows organizations to continue to monitor their attack surface to detect known and unknown public-facing assets, while providing access to security consultants who can investigate and triage exposures.

Trend Micro One and its competitors are divided by native sensors for a broad spectrum of cloud endpoints, email, network, and IOT services, combined with a broad spectrum of integration partners that offer "deeper insights, faster response, and superior protection."

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