Organic Weed Strains We Love, To Help You Finish Earth Month Strong

Organic Weed Strains We Love, To Help You Finish Earth Month Strong ...

Cannabis has the potential to heal the earth at the same time. If it is done right, it may be a multibillion dollar business today, and monetary gains often take precedence on environmental stewardship. Lines have been drawn in the sand between corporate mega-grows and the small farmers of the Emerald Triangle who pioneered this world and were heavily persecuted for doing so.

Right now, the market is flush with mids being turned out at a rate that was effective to reduce the market price of a pound to hundreds of dollars from thousands before. It's an intentional market consolidation, designed to farms. These venture-funded projects are often in bed with politicians and power brokers, creating a landscape that is all but impossible to navigate, without affecting the people who have grown the best weed in the world for generations.

The other issue with the corporate mids-mania we see ourselves in the midst of is:. This means the medicine people have access to isn't nearly as effective as it could be. Sungrown flower from the and cannabinoid profile, meaning its effects are, and all-encompassing in a healing way, rather than the corporate indoor weed, which provides a more one-note, THC-heavy high that is more suited for casual recreation than medicinal benefits.

It may be difficult (even for the savviest consumer) to discern from a real regenerative farm and an indoor grow, which claims to cultivate with living soil while actually flushing plastic potted plants with nutrient salts and pesticides. But a new initiative, which is aimed at improving the health of more than 50 organic cannabis farmers, brands, partners, and associations.

Weed Like Change was founded by Sun+Earth, a nonprofit organization that supports earth care and cultivation, human empowerment, and community engagement. It is a great way for consumers to know that they are receiving non-traditional flowers from nature.

At this pivotal moment in the industry, most consumers do not realize the effect their choices have on the market. Every time we enter this dispensary, we have a choice. Do you want to help brands that you know are helping our planet? Or do you want to support corporate corporations like Canopy Growth, which was created with 2020 emissions?

Five of my favorite strains are now available for download. Money speaks louder than words. Make sure yours is going to the right place.

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