Dave Eggers' novel for development is nabbed on HBO

Dave Eggers' novel for development is nabbed on HBO ...

has obtained licenses to Dave Eggers' novel The Every, and is developing a series based on it.

Rachel Axler (Veep, The Daily Show) is developing the novel, which was adapted into a 2017 film starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. This is the first step towards a successful future strategy.

The book focuses on a woman who quits her job at The Every with the intention of removing it from the inside.

In this equally shocking and illogical cautionary tale, Dave Eggers shows us the increased cost of the frictionless life that technology enables, said HBO Programming executive Amy Gravitt. As he writes, Nothing described herein actually happened, although much of it likely will, and what better starting point for an HBO comedy script?

McSweeney's (who Eggers founded) published The Every in October 2021 to high ratings.

As part of David Miner's plan, Axler and Eggers will conduct the script.

Axler, who has a major deal with HBO, has won four Emmys: two for the best comedy series as a member of Veep's producing team and two for the Daily Show's writing staff. Her credits include Dickinson, Parks and Recreation, and New Girl. WME and 3 Arts Entertainment have also repped her.

CAA, The Gotham Group, and Jackoway Tyerman repole eggers.

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