Among the cast of Paramount+'s 'Waco' sequel series, John Leguizamo, David Costabile, and J. Smith Cameron are just some of the stars

Among the cast of Paramount+'s 'Waco' sequel series, John Leguizamo, David Costabile, and J. Smith C ...

EXCLUSIVE: American Tragedies: The Trials, and the Paramount+ follow-up to the 2018 miniseries, have all been established.

J. Smith Cameron and Adam Smith are parmi the stars joining the series, alongside reprising his role.

Waco of Paramount Network looked at the events in Mount Carmel, a small religious area, in February 1993 when a raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) on David Koresh and his followers, known as the Branch Davidians, resulted in a massive standoff and the deaths of dozens of people.

The Trials will explore the wide-ranging impact following these events and the unflattering scales of justice the surviving Branch Davidians faced. It will also examine how the horrific events fueled the emerging 'Patriot' movement, which ultimately led to the most destructive act of domestic terrorism in history the Oklahoma City bombing.

Jacob Vasquez, an ATF agent who worked undercover during the lead up to Waco, will take over as Leguizamo.

When Vernon Howell, otherwise known as a young David Koresh, will play Judge Smith, who oversees the trial of Branch Davidians charged with conspiracy to murder. Succession's J. Smith Cameron will play Lois Roden, the leader and prophetess of the Branch Davidians.

Clive Doyle will play David Koresh's first follower within the Branch Davidians, who despite losing a daughter at Mount Carmel has unwavering faith and is determined for others to learn the truth. Euphoria's Johnson will play Vernon Howell, and young David Koresh, who argues that God has chosen him as the next Messiah, and Lovecraft Country's Lee will play Carol Howe, a former Southern debutant who turned neo-Nazi arm candy and

The show is made up of Drew and John Dowdle, who worked alongside Michael Shannon, who was a feature on Waco's website.

It will be released in 2023 for the 30th anniversary of the tragic events in Texas.

Andrew Gettens and Lauren Mackenzie, who will also write, are among MTV Entertainment Studios' producers and execs. David C. Glasser, David Hutkin, Bob Yari, and Ron Burkle.

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