Innovation in healthcare data: Novartis and Snowflake

Innovation in healthcare data: Novartis and Snowflake ...

The global healthcare company is utilizing technology as a means to improve business processes and to begin manufacturing life-changing medications faster.

Novartis employs 2,000 data scientists, who use the company's integrated data platform to assist in a broad range of activities, from research to new medications, to creating insights that improves its operating performance.

The company continues to investigate how technology can be used to exploit new opportunities and recently joined Snowflake's newly-launched, which aims to establish a comprehensive and cross-cloud data platform.

Loc Giraud says that technologies had to perform everything from start to finish ingestion, curation, and integration. However, I believe that when you begin making a move, you can see how certain data technologies play a major role in your organization. So, we tried to create a self-service, abstract layer through Snowflake that can go and fetch our data, and then employees can use their own tools to analyze data or insights.

Our Formula One platform is best-of-breed, Giraud said. When we started this journey to the cloud, and found out how we could implement our data platform, we examined whether the provider could provide an aggregated data for certain purposes. But as a result, that has changed, and so we started in one area, but it is now used in other areas.

Its across three key areas. So, we ingest data into a large data platform, such as AWS or Azure. Snowflake can work across multiple applications. The first thing we do is prepare the data for insight generation across various applications, such as research and development, incentive compensation for field reps, sustainability targets, and financial targets. So, in the process we used to have, we used the Data Marketplace to collect data from different vendors, and then we would use it through APIs. And there, some

It takes time, I guess. We have been operating our Formula One program for three years, and it requires a lot of effort from my side and the business side. So, how do you achieve that level of maturity, where you can begin to deliver results, and on the other hand, how do you avoid creating? The two types of processes are going on continuously, depending on how many times you wait for the platform to be fully equipped before you arrive, and when you want it to,

We have a huge pipeline of use cases and services that we want to build, but we are also multicloud. So, we have a region in Europe and the United States, and we have implemented our data solution in China. Snowflake isn't yet present in China, but we hope it will be soon. So, it's all about expanding the product and then scaling across regions, so that we can ensure that we can meet the needs of the business.

Giraud says: 'Can we create a solution, with other partners, that works for anyone?' Another thing were contemplating is: 'How do we connect our data ecosystem with prescribers, suppliers, and other drug companies?'

Weve established our insight-generation platform and Im now trying to build Formula One as the company's digital ecosystem. So, I'll be attempting to integrate automation, blockchain, and self-service development solutions to create a true digital ecosystem for the organization. We run 500 drug trials every year. It's important we can address key questions, such as: 'Where do we invest our money, in which trials, and at which time should we continue or stop that trial?

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