Violent crime incarceration rate alarming, according to Multnomah County Sheriff

Violent crime incarceration rate alarming, according to Multnomah County Sheriff ...

Sheriff Mike Reese of Multnomah County raised the alarm on Friday about an increase in arrests for violent crimes and said the number of people in jail on suspicion of murder and attempted murder is at the highest level in 30 years.

In an open letter, Reese said the county is seeing a dramatic increase in arrests and bookings for so-called Measure 11 crimes, or violent felonies such as murder, attempted murder, rape, sodomy, and assault.

In 2021, there were 371 people charged with those offenses in jail, putting them on an average of a million people, and currently half the jail's population is charged with a Measure 11 offense, according to Reese.

According to the governor, the county is also dealing with a set of record-breaking traffic fatalities and overdose deaths.

We need to be proactive in a sense of urgency. Summer is approaching, a time when we typically experience increased violence in our communities, Reese said. Violent crime, traffic fatalities, and overdose deaths are already at historic high rates. Without action, we can expect worse to come.

Among other things, killings have increased in Portland for the past few years. From 2019 to 2020, there has been a sharper increase in killings, according to FBI statistics.

In Portland, homicides will be announced in 2021, stumbling the city's previous record of 70 fatalities in 1987.

Police and officials in Portland said the increase which disproportionally affected the Black area was fueled by gang-related discussions, drug deals gone awry, and disagreements among homeless people. The situation was exacerbated by the pandemic, economic hardships, and mental health issues.

So far this year, violence has continued in 2022.

The Associated Press and its staff have released reports.

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