Following the series 'The Thing About Pam,' 'Dateline' brings forth the latest twists from Pam Hupp's case

Following the series 'The Thing About Pam,' 'Dateline' brings forth the latest twists from Pam Hupp' ...

NBC allegedly claims that its viewers can't get enough of the, who was accused of murdering her close friend, Betsy Faria. Its series, which included several episodes of the investigation, and the "Dateline" podcast, "The Thing About Pam," inspired the recently concluded miniseries, which starred in a performance in which the Oscar-winning actor was transformed to be real Hupp.

The sixth episode of "Dateline" devoted to the real-life story will include new interviews, including a conversation between Keith Morrison (who narrated the Zellweger series) and Leah Askey, the prosecutor, who helped drive Betsy Faria's husband's conviction.

Betsy Faria was murdered multiple times in her Missouri home in 2011. Shortly before Faria was murdered, her life insurance policy was changed to make Hupp the beneficiary, meaning Hupp came into $150,000 once Faria died.

Russ Faria's widower was convicted of the murder and Hupp aided him to make him feel culpable when she tried to testify at his 2013 trial. However, following an appeal and a second trial, Russ Faria's conviction was overturned and he was acquitted in 2015.

In 2016, Hupp appeared as a producer of "Dateline" to lure a guy named Louis Gumpenberger into a plot in which Hupp shot and killed him. Hupp claimed the man had invaded her house, and she alleged that he had been sent to kill Hupp.

Hupp was found guilty in 2019 for Gumpenberger's murder and is now serving a life sentence in a Missouri state prison. She has also been charged with murder of Betsy Faria and has pleaded not guilty. Hupp has been accused of being involved in the death of her mother, Shirley Neumann.

In the two-hour "Dateline" series, Morrison interviews Leah Askey, who rejects the suggestion that her previous prosecution of Russ Faria, and the failure to pursue charges against Hupp, contributed to the death of Louis Gumpenberg.

Here's a transcript from Morrison's interview with Askey, when the correspondent asks if Askey's mind has been charged following the murder of Gumpenberg:

LEAH ASKEY: "No, it made me think, that's a terrible tragedy and she evidently lost her marbles. Like, she snapped...She's definitely gone off the deep end."

KEITH MORRISON: I think a lot of people will agree that Pam is still lacking. However, the fact that she would kill that person and try to frame the guy who was acquitted of his wife must have made you change your mind about this situation.

LEAH ASKEY: "It really made me think, you know, wow, she's capable of more than I would have given her credit."

KEITH MORRISON: "There are some people who even today say that you have blood on your hands, that Louis Gumpenberger would be alive today if you constituted Pam Hupp and not on Russ Faria."

LEAH ASKEY: "I don't have any culpability in anything to do with Louis Gumpenberger. It's a terrible tragedy. I was elected to do a job. And a jury convicted him. One has nothing to do with the other. It was never my job to seek out a suspect. That I would have never committed anything more than not prosecute, which I would have no guilt whatsoever with when I was prosecuting. "I'm not convinced that the person we were prosecut

On NBC, "Dateline NBC" airs "The Real Thing About Pam" at 9 p.m. Friday, April 15th. The miniseries "The Thing About Pam" is streaming on, and may also be streamed on Netflix.

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