Oregonian/OregonLive wins four Best of the West awards

Oregonian/OregonLive wins four Best of the West awards ...

In the 2022 Best of the West journalism competition, Oregonian/OregonLive received two first-place awards, both for editorial writing and editing.

For editorial writing and feature writing, the news organization received two third-place awards.

The topics ranged from the unprecedented (first place) to (third place) as a journalist.

"After the tragic deaths of 94 persons in a heat wave, this editorial held local officials accountable for the failures of cooling stations, call centers, and other systems that were supposed to protect residents," a judge wrote.

It also made clear, actionable calls for ways to keep residents safe in the future, as well as new safeguards for people who work outside. 'Additional losses would be a travesty,' the editorial concluded, but that the travesty is less likely now due to direct action.

Brooke Herbert won the first place for her.

The judge described this one as clearly above the rest. "It tells the story of a community, even if one family's experience is true." The use of smart b-roll and sound is perfectly compatible with the narrative."

Tom Hallman Jr., a reporter, has been named for the third time in the short feature category for anyone who was behind the cash register at a downtown store.

News, magazines, and online stores in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are participating in the contest.

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