Sheneman is living with gun violence

Sheneman is living with gun violence ...

Another week, another mass shooting. I guess this is the way we live today, but any mall, train, or music event can instantly become a shooting gallery, and we all need to be okay with that?

While the number of pro-gun factions in this country, most Americans support so-called, common-sense gun laws. Despite background checks, waiting periods, and restrictions on high-cap magazines, however, there is a very vocal group who believes the 2nd Amendment allows the absolute right to own any and every firearm conceivable, and any attempt to regulate ownership of those firearms is a violation of their constitutional rights. This group has successfully managed to capture enough of the Republican Party to make any attempt to regulate guns on a

The gun industry, which I'm experimenting with to enlist gun manufacturers and lobbyists, has a grip so strong on Republicans, even after the Sandy Hook shooting. Despite many of the country's most recent changes, they fought out even more rigorous penalties. But guns are still legal. This is how we live today, and you know who is responsible.

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