If I move to another state, will my disability benefits be altered?

If I move to another state, will my disability benefits be altered? ...

Q. Will it affect your Social Security disability if you move to another state, in one state, or are it up or down or remain the same?

Maybe I'll be leaving.

A. A good question.

If you move to another state, benefits do not change.

Like Social Security retirement benefits, they are based on your needs and do not affect your residence, according to Evan Drury, a chartered financial consultant at Financial Services in Fairfield, United States.

While the amount of your SSDI benefit does not affect state to state, whether you pay income taxes on it might, he said. impose social security payments for at least some employees.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is not included anywhere, according to Drury.

According to Drury, moving to a new state might dramatically reduce your monthly payments. Because most states supplement federal SSI payments from their own funds.

If you move in with a friend, partner, or family member during your relocation, you will need to notify the Social Security Administration. However, the fact that you will now be living with someone will not impact your eligibility to SSDI benefits. This is because your ability is based on your work and income history and not on the income of those you live with.

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