The Yankees aren't hitting, but they're not worried. Here's why they should be

The Yankees aren't hitting, but they're not worried. Here's why they should be ...

BALTIMORE The '70s at-bats in their first game this year at Oriole Park were a bad result. Anthony Rizzo was beaten by a pitch, followed with a single, and then...

Fly out, groundout, groundout, and inning over.

Is it possible to imagine that?

The Yankees' supposed modern-day murderer's row lineup was underachieved last season, often against the brutal Baltimore Orioles, and it hapened again Friday night: was another huge failure by an offense that is off to a poor start, but does not seem to be concerned in the world.

After the Yankees hit seven hits and struck out 13 times against a group of no-name pitchers, DJ LeMahieu said he's all right.

The Yankees have scored 25 runs in eight games. They are batting.228 as a team, with a.180 average with runners in scoring position. If not for some great pitching, the Yanks would easily be 1-7 or 2-6 instead of 4-4.

On Friday night, runners ranked two for 11, but one of the hits came when Stanton was awarded a single when his grounder in the 11th inning hit Rizzo, the ghost runner, in the leg for the first out. The baserunning blunder was crucial in the loss.

Rizzo said he thought I had a great jump. "I was trying to get the third ball and it just hit me. It's bad base-running on my end, and it's all costing us."

Despite starting the innings with a runner on second, the Yankees couldn't score in the 10th or 11th innings, but because of that simple poor execution. It's the kind of troubled baseball that plagued them last season, but also the kinds of mistakes and missed opportunities that don't engulf good teams.

Its 2022, Rizzo said. I know last year's stuff, but this is a week, eight games into a whole new journey. Well have ups and downs throughout the year, and it's just the ebbs and flow of the season.

The Yankees claimed last season that they would eventually begin hitting in the clutch consistently, but it never really happened. This season, they've started this season with a lack of ability to run in clutch spots, so it should be at least a little bluff.


No, no, LeMahieu said. No worries there. I believe we have played well as an offense overall. I don't think we have played to our abilities yet, but we're progressing towards them.

The Yankees' offense hasn't done well overall, but they have made six starts in 11 innings in their opening day victory over the Red Sox, ending the year with a season-high six runs, then has averaged 2,7 runs in seven matches.

"It's possible that we need that one (major hit) to get it going," Rizzo said. "It's going to be contagious once we capitalize on a couple."

Hitting can be hazardous, but it's also in a sickly way. The Yankees came within a game of losing the playoffs last season because eight of the Orioles' 52 wins were at their expense. Now they're 0-1 this year against a still-tanking franchise that entered the weekend series with a 1-5 record.

"It's utterly frustrating to not be able to put more on the board," says manager Aaron Boone.

This was just one bad night being lumped into a subpar season-opening stretch that will not last. The Yankees' perception is, however, that the Yankees did not expect it to.

"It's fair to say that about last year," Boone said. "Let's check back with us. We'll be fine if we got a third hit (with runners in scoring position on Friday) then it's a great night."

Considering the results and the opponent, Friday night was harrowing.

We have to do better than that. Weve have to get after it and come out and develop some good ABs (Saturday) according to theBottom line.

Josh Donaldson, who was acquired to shake up a lineup and add strength to an often nonchalant group of hitters, is hitting.188 with six hits no homers and one RBI. He leads the AL with 13 strikeouts. Meanwhile, the void of the bottom of the lineup with Isiah Kiner-Falefa (.174) and Kyle Higashioka (.095), whose dream spring training has become a regular-season

In a 162-game season, every team has a lot of bad hitting nights, including the 1927 Yankees. But can these Yankees do this more than they did last year?

If a Yankees offense is paired with Donaldson, Kiner-Falefa, Higashioka, and Aaron Hicks, along with Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, LeMahieu, and Rizzo, then we'll be hearing from in the coming months.

LeMahieu said, Were fantastic for me.

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